Today, humans are accustomed to living in an always on, better connected and instantly informed world. They’re used to ‘free’ and ‘open’. It’s power to the people all day everyday -- which means inspiring desired behaviors has become harder than ever before. These days, you have to earn it; one flawless execution at a time.

Working on the web for over 20 years, I've become a passionate advocate for the end user and feel most at home as a champion in converging business and consumer goals when collaborating on new media projects. Throughout my career, I've gained incredible experience working on large-scale, high- profile initiatives, resulting in a reputation described by colleagues as a contagious optimism and a refreshing "tell it like it is" style.

I’m currently working as the Vice President of Marketing Solutions for Ecology Action in Santa Cruz, CA.  My areas of expertise run the gamut; marketing architecture and strategy, new media development, cross channel campaign execution, and social media strategy. I learn something new everyday at Ecology Action, but the overarching daily revelation is that digital marketing is not about technology. It’s about the immersion of technology into everyday living. Which is giving marketers access to audiences in a completely different way.

I've had diverse roles such as senior project manager, worldwide marketing manager, digital marketing strategist, new media vice president, youth media director and digital marketing consultant – gratefully giving me a unique perspective on how to solve varied and complex business challenges. I've also had the good fortune to work with many wonderful organizations such as Microsoft, Allrecipes, ZAAZ, Wunderman, Payscale and Trupanion.



Accustomed to being on front lines in the fast paced world of digital media, I’ve refined my critical survival skill of translating complex, digital concepts into conversational English – and then into real, tangible products that drive measurable results. I’m an early adopter and creative thought leader who embraces self-deprecating humor and checks my ego at the door.

I find I am most effective in working with smart people who are empowered to drive product vision and strategy. My passion for innovative technology and creative problem solving has been an asset to organizations who want to push technology boundaries or breathe new life into existing products in a way that re-energizes the overall brand. I thrive in a nimble organization that encourages others to get excited about change and inspires them to generate new ideas that improve existing products or create the impetus for new ones.

Outside of my work, I enjoy the pursuit of experiences that allow me to push my own limitations, including travel to remote mountaintops, meeting diverse people with interesting stories and any sport that requires adrenaline and a camel bak.

There are few people that I have worked with in my career that I wish I could have on every project, Heather is that person. She brings a strong understanding of technology, software development, project management and digital marketing along with an incredible passion for her work that is not easily found. For almost two years I have worked side-by-side with Heather on projects large and small and she has never failed to impress me with her incredible talent. Any team would be lucky to have Heather as a member, or better yet, as their leader!
— Kevin Lucier, Director, Global Web Solutions at Belkin